Why You Should Buy Pre-Construction Condo/Home With A Platinum Agent

By All Access Homes

November 8, 2023

Why You Should Buy Pre-Construction Condos With A Platinum Agent

If you’ve ever purchased a home, you know that choosing the right realtor can mean the difference between a smooth experience and a bumpy ride. But when purchasing pre-construction condo and homes, the stakes get even higher.

Pre-construction condos and homes occupy a distinct niche in the real estate market—one that requires a unique set of skills and experience. And unfortunately, not every realtor can help you navigate this market. Here are a few reasons to use a platinum agent when buying pre-construction.

Exclusive Access

Unlike most realtors, platinum agents specialize in pre-construction. They know the industry, have contacts, and have access to on-the-horizon developments. That means you have first pick of the best developments, many of which may not even be available to the general public yet.

Insider Knowledge

To understand the value of a platinum agent, you must first understand how the pre-construction industry works. Developers undergo a meticulous process before they ever break ground.

In addition to securing funding, developers must pre-sell a specific number of residential units. Initially, developers may open up sales exclusively to friends, family, and other contacts, but this limited network is rarely enough to fill an entire building. This is where a platinum agent comes in. Our agents bridge the gap between out-of-network buyers and developers, ensuring sales targets are met.

Platinum agents play a crucial role in filling buildings with new residents. So it’s in the developer’s best interest to give us insider knowledge—which we then pass along to you.

Understanding the Process

When you buy pre-construction, you’re essentially purchasing a blueprint. The building is in the early planning or construction stages, and it may take months (sometimes even years) to complete. That’s a unique situation. Unfortunately, not all agents have the knowledge or experience to help you navigate it. Our platinum agents are.

Reduced Risk

Many buyers prefer to invest in pre-construction because they want greater flexibility. They may want to customize the unit by selecting finishes, layouts, and upgrades before construction is completed. That’s appealing. Unfortunately, not all developers or their projects are completed on time and to your specifications.

Platinum agents reduce investment risk because they know reputable developers. Our agents will steer you toward reliable developers with a track record of delivering projects on time and as promised, minimizing the risk of delays and unexpected changes.

More Guidance

The process of buying pre-construction plays out in phases. Platinum agents can guide you through each milestone, ensuring you meet payment deadlines and are aware of any adjustments in the building schedule. Meanwhile, they will closely monitor the project's progress and update you on any significant developments.

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Experience Extraordinary Living?

All Access Homes is your go-to for pre-construction projects in the Greater Toronto area. As platinum agents, we have key connections in the industry, ensuring our clients get early access to projects with exclusive incentives. If you're after sought-after pre-construction opportunities, contact us today!


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