Condos in Scarborough: Questions to Ask Yourself When Investing

By All Access Homes

April 22, 2024

Condos in Scarborough

Are you thinking about investing in pre-construction condos in Scarborough? Feeling uncertain about where to start?

We can help.

Many future homeowners find themselves in a similar position, especially if they aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of such an investment. With so many factors to consider and uncertainties to deal with, it’s quite natural to feel hesitant.

One of the best ways to reduce this uncertainty is to ask the right questions before investing. By doing so, you can make informed decisions and lower your risk.

Keep reading to discover the key questions you need to ask to better understand the investment and determine whether it aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

Let’s get started.

What Questions to Ask When Investing in Scarborough Condos

Here are five essential questions to consider when investing in condos in Scarborough:

1. Locations

Question to Ask: Is the condo situated in a prime location in Scarborough? Is there easy access to amenities, transportation, and desirable neighbourhood features?

It is important to choose a condo whose location will add to its long-term value and your overall satisfaction as an investor or resident. A prime location offers convenience, accessibility, and the potential for future growth in property value. Consider its proximity to amenities such as shopping centres, schools, parks, and entertainment venues. Besides this, make sure that transportation hubs such as bus stops, subway stations, and major highways are easily accessible.

2. Builder Reputation

Questions to Ask: What is the reputation of the developer behind the condo project? Have they completed past projects on time and to a high standard?

Researching the developer’s reputation is important to ensure the quality and reliability of the condo project. For this, you need to look at their track record, including their history of completing projects on schedule and meeting quality standards.

3. Closing Costs

Questions to Ask: What additional costs should you anticipate beyond the purchase price? Are there any hidden fees or unexpected expenses?

Apart from the purchase price of the Scarborough condo you are looking at, investors too often forget to take into account hidden fees or other unexpected expenses. This can catch you off guard and strain your finances. That’s why you need to be aware of additional closing costs well in advance. These can include land transfer taxes, legal fees, development charges, and utility connection fees.

4. Long-Term Potential

Questions to Ask: Does the condo have strong long-term appreciation potential? Is it a wise investment choice for the future?

To determine a condo's long-term potential, it is important to examine various factors, such as market trends, neighbourhood growth prospects, and potential developments in the area.

You may also want to consider local demand for housing, projected population growth, and future infrastructure projects that could impact your property values.

By investing in a condo in Scarborough with strong long-term appreciation potential, you can ensure a positive return on your investment.

5. Community Atmosphere

Question to Ask: What is the vibe of the surrounding community? Does it align with your lifestyle and preferences?

When considering an investment in a Scarborough condo, remember that the surrounding environment and community can have a big impact on your quality of life. Factors like access to green spaces, cultural amenities, safety, and the demographics of the neighbourhood should be taken into account. Choosing a community that aligns with your lifestyle preferences can enhance your overall experience of living in the condo and even increase its long-term value.

Why Buying Cliffside Condos in Scarborough Is a Smart Investment

Cliffside Condos (2350 Kingston Rd., Scarborough ON, M1N 1V2) presents an exciting opportunity for investors looking for a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Developed by LCH Developments, this project offers a range of studios to 3 bedroom +den suites across 10 storeys and 199 units.

Here are some key features of Cliffside Condominiums in Scarborough:

  • Prime Location: The project is steps to Kingston Rd, minutes to Scarborough GO and Victoria Park Station, and in close proximity to the Scarborough Bluffs and Danforth Village.
  • Vibrant Community: Situated close to the famous Scarborough Bluffs, Cliffside exudes a lively urban village vibe and offers convenient access to parks, beaches, and hiking trails.
  • Accessibility: Cliffside Condos provides great mobility options, thanks to a prime location that boasts a highly coveted Walk Score of 84 and easy access to public transportation.

Investing in pre-construction condos in Scarborough is a great opportunity for those looking for financial growth and lifestyle enhancement. Cliffside Condos is a prime example of just such an opportunity thanks to its excellent location, reputable developer, and promising community atmosphere. If you are interested in exploring pre-construction condos in Scarborough or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area, feel free to reach out to All Access Homes. Our team is committed to helping you find the ideal property to match your needs and goals and guide you through every step of the investment process.


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